Investment Principles

Oscar Wilde once wrote that a cynic is he who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. In investing, a naive investor knows the price of all stocks and the value of none.

At Microequities, we are first and foremost value investors. Valuation is the most important parameter we seek to understand when investing in a business, as we believe that in an undervalued company lies a superior profit making investment opportunity.

And we not only look for value. Our investment targets should also have credible and strong business models; competitive advantages; financial solidity; market positioning and competent & ethical management.

Microcap companies are often undervalued due to a lack of professional investment coverage. They are inefficiently valued by the market, which means there can often be large differences between the intrinsic value and the market value of the company. This means we can buy them at unfair prices.

As value investors 100% specialised in this asset class, we are constantly looking for these opportunities. We search; analyse; meet with management; industry insiders and if we like a company, we buy it for the long term.
We are long term investors looking for business partnerships.

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