Why Microcaps?

Microcaps generally grow faster

Microcap companies often have the fastest growth rates. Professional Microcap investors like Microequities will find the best growing businesses and invest in them over a long term investment horizon.

Microcaps are often under-researched, under-invested and under-valued

Microcap companies are too small for the large investment banks and fund managers to deploy their expensive resources. Frequently, Microcaps  are not sufficiently researched and some are not researched at all. The lack of institutional following can lead to inefficient market pricing and undervalued companies.

Microcaps’ growth is not reliant on economic conditions

Since many Microcap companies have relatively new products and services that might be at an early stage of their life cycle, Microcaps can provide investors with growth that is not necessarily dependant on prevailing economic conditions. Many Microcap companies grow faster because their products are newer; they are gaining market share or expanding into new markets, verticals or geographies.

Microcaps are a welcome addition to a balanced portfolio

Investors should consider Microcaps as an excellent addition to a balanced portfolio. Microequities’ in-house research, deep knowledge and expertise within this asset class, provides a professional and expert approach to Microcap investing.

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