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Australian Investors Podcast (Rask Finance) Full Interview – Carlos Gil & Owen Raszkiewicz

October 3, 2019

Watch the latest australian investors podcast interview with Carlos Gil (Microequities CEO/CIO) and Owen Raszkiewicz (Founder of Rask Australia). Carlos discusses topics such as Microequities investment philosophy, process and strategy for researching and owning some of Australia’s most promising undervalued microcap and small cap businesses.Continue.

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Investsmart Full Interview – Carlos Gil & Mitchell Sneddon – Microequities Funds are undervalued

September 23, 2019

Listen to the latest investsmart interview with Carlos Gil (Microequities CEO/CIO) and Mitchell Sneddon (Investsmart Head of portfolio services). Carlos discusses topics such as Value investing and the undervalued Microequities funds. Carlos also shares an example of a business that Microequities has invested in theContinue.

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Debt has a price, and it’s not just interest

March 25, 2019

Debt could easily be seen as “steroids” for businesses. Administered correctly, it’s possible to have a star performer achieve the unthinkable for decades, becoming a goliath of their field. Yet, many stars after seeing short term results, double down on their new “Holy Grail” onlyContinue.

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Bitcoin, pricing dislocation and value investing

January 2, 2018

Price and value. Many investors think these two concepts are substitutable, but they are not. Each of these terms refer to two very different qualities. As value investors, Microequities believes that there can be large divergences between the two. These divergences, we call “pricing dislocations”.Continue.

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Microequities boss Carlos Gil buys businesses not shares: repost from afr

February 6, 2017

Written by Vesna Poljak /Photo by Brook Mitchell Carlos Gil knows that when a chief executive gets up at an annual meeting and says the macroeconomic environment was a problem for their company, that is a classic red flag for investors. The Microequities Asset Management founderContinue.

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Why aren’t Microequities funds growing at the EPS growth rate?

September 25, 2019

We are sometimes asked why there is a difference between our forecasted earnings growth and our portfolio returns. It is logical to expect that if earnings are growing, then the portfolio returns will be growing too. However, the correlation between earnings and market returns isContinue.

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June 2019 Fund Update – Price vs Value dichotomy in the Microcap and small cap equity markets

July 1, 2019
Carlos Gil

The Australian microcap and small cap equity markets have bifurcated, or to use biblical parlance the seas have split into two realms with very different market valuations. At one realm you have very fast-growing companies some of which are profitable, and others yet to makeContinue.

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4 Reasons not to invest with Microequities

May 28, 2018
Adam Allcock

Over the years as a relationship manager, I have the unique vantage point of having heard almost every reason under the sun as to why people decide to either invest or not to invest in products ranging from Term Deposits to Managed Funds. Below I’veContinue.

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Microcaps offer phenomenal potential for long-term investors, but you need to do your research

September 11, 2017

REPOST FROM “STOCKHEAD” What is the attraction of microcaps compared to blue chips? It is not always easy to find deep-value opportunities in the top end because there are a lot of companies that are significantly over-priced. You have to be more discerning than everContinue.

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The irrational selling of rising microcaps and small caps

October 31, 2016
Sam Gutman

Some years ago, I had a relation of mine tell me he was selling some shares in a Microcap company he bought only six months earlier. I asked him what the reason for him selling was, and he responded that he made a 50% gainContinue.

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