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Looking for a fund that provides regular cash income whilst seeking capital growth? Our High Income Microcap Fund provides  cash distributions every six months and franking credits as it seeks long term capital gains.


Minimum Investment


Historical grossed up distribution yield



Compound p.a. since inception in 2012


Total Return since inception in 2012

Cash Distributions every 6 Months

Date of DistributionCash DistributionFranking Credit
July 20202.684 cents per unit1.42 cents per unit
Jan 20202.6 cents per unit1.55 cents per unit
July 20193.82 cents per unit1.65 cents per unit
Jan 20192.65 cents per unit1.36 cents per unit
July 20183.20 cents per unit1.47 cents per unit
Jan 20182.78 cents per unit1.28 cents per unit
July 20173.57 cents per unit1.23 cents per unit
Jan 20173.23 cents per unit1.10 cents per unit
July 20164.82 cents per unit1.04 cents per unit
Jan 20163.27 cents per unit1.32 cents per unit
July 20155.18 cents per unit1.31 cents per unit
Jan 20153.79 cents per unit1.66 cents per unit
July 20143.56 cents per unit1.32 cents per unit
Jan 20142.56 cents per unit1.45 cents per unit
July 20135.49 cents per unit1.30 cents per unit
Jan 20134.17 cents per unit2.19 cents per unit
July 20122.97 cents per unit1.3 cents per unit

Performance Vs the All Ordinaries Accumulation index*

 1yr3yr5yrTotal return since inception**
High Income Microcap Fund+31.71%+11.83%+9.27%+202.23%
All Ords Accumulation Index-0.08%+7.54%+9.46%+120.12%

(*) Data as at 30/09/2021.  (**) Fund inception on 1 March, 2012
Year returns are calculated as compound per annum. Returns are calculated after all fees and expenses and reinvestment of distributions. Please note that past performance is not indicative of future performance.



✓ Invests in a hand picked concentrated portfolio of undervalued ASX listed Microcaps with proven business models that can fund and sustain high long term dividend payments.

✓ Monthly liquidity; no gearing or derivatives (cash & long equities only).

✓ Microequities’ management owns 25% of total FUM across all investment funds.

✓ For wholesale and sophisticated investors only as defined by the Corporations Act 2001.