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Deep Value Fund

About the Fund

✓ Invests in a concentrated portfolio of 15-40 hand picked highly undervalued and profitable ASX listed Smallcaps and Microcaps. ✓ Monthly liquidity; no gearing or derivatives (cash & long equities only). ✓ Microequities’ management, staff and directors have over $60m co-invested across all funds providing strong alignment with clients. ✓ For wholesale and sophisticated investors only as defined by the Corporations Act 2001.



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5+ Years

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Deep Value Fund

(*) Data as at 31/07/2022.  (**) Fund inception on 6 March, 2009. Year returns are calculated as compound per annum. Returns and value are calculated after all fees and expenses and reinvestment of distributions. Please note that past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Investment Approach

Value driven approach Investee companies must be highly undervalued, profitable and meet a very demanding investment criteria. In-house investment research All research done “in-house” by our specialist Microcap  and Smallcap investment team, independent of market noise and views. Concentrated long-only portfolio Portfolio of 15-40 companies with a 5 years + investment horizon. Some of the factors that may be looked at when considering an investment by the fund are:

  • Companies with a well-established business model
  • Companies generally should be at least 2 years or longer EBITDA profitable
  • Companies with low manageable debt or no debt are preferred
  • High cash flow generating businesses
  • Companies with high earnings visibility and disclosure
  • Companies with a predictable future earnings stream
  • Companies in a growing sector
  • Companies that have a growth catalyst division, product or service
  • Companies with a highly competitive advantage or brand name
  • Companies with a stable management and track record for delivering value to shareholders
  • Companies where management has a significant stake
  • Companies with a reputable board of directors

Key Benefits of the Fund

  • Early access to potential high growth companies
  • Manager specialised in the Microcap and Smallcap asset classes for over 10 years
  • Manager with solid track record of succesful investments
  • In-house research expertise and capability
  • Value investing philosophy
  • Bottom-up investment research based experience
  • Performance based incentive for the Manager
  • Distributions may carry imputation tax credits
  • Stocks generally held for longer than 12 months thus delivering CGT benefits to Unit holder